SLOW FASHION. Made-To-Size For You.

As a Slow Fashion and Conscious Accessories Brand, Kismet Lola London is constantly evolving to create ways to be kinder to the environment and in turn, to humanity. From working with recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gems to reusable packaging and Workshops to create everlasting jewellery. We want to be eco friendly in as many ways.

We are also very aware of issues around overstock which can cause a huge amount of waste in metals and labour. This is particularly true when it comes to jewellery pieces which require sizes, such as rings to fit your various fingers.

Stocking all ring sizes requires more metal, more labour, more metal waste and more hours spent on mechanical devices for the crafting process, requiring electricity and much more.

To help prevent this excess wastage, we are making our rings bespoke to your specific sizing needs. A small step which we hope will help better our planet. So this is how it works; rather than us stocking every size of each ring design, we will ask for you to specify your ring requirements at checkout and customize the size for you, at no additional cost.

Sizing your ring once you have placed an order may take us a couple of days...but we think the wait will be worth it both for you and Our Planet.