About Kismet Lola London Jewellery

As The Journey Unfolds, So Does Your Story. 

Adding colour and sparkle to life’s adventures

KISMET LOLA LONDON is a feel good female jewellery brand which celebrates women and their life adventures. We design and create timeless pieces which are as intimate as the stories that shape us.

Born from the frustration of her and her girlfriends constantly feeling pressured and overwhelmed with the unconscious biases we hold against ourselves, Kismet ultimately aims, through her emotive collections, to turn negative self-talk into positive.

"It's important not only to boost self-confidence and self-belief in women around the world but also combat the common anxieties of comparison and failure due to sociatal pressures of beauty, age, gender, and success that many of us face in today’s goal orientated world of perfection."

Combining her love for both organic form and geometric art with beautiful gemstones, Kismet uses her jewellery designs as a platform to empower, bond and unite women at every chapter of their journey. Encouraging them to recognise that we are all on our very own magical timeline and where we are at any moment in time, is exactly where we should be. 

Sharing adventures of travel and human emotion through delicate designs and kaleidoscopic precious gemstones, Kismet's dainty designs and hand made talismans are a spirited and stylish reminder to embrace the wonderful and sometimes messy ride we are on. A story which leads us to ‘our' perfect place.

Her passion for bright, bold gemstones add a playful touch and symbolise female energy, fun, femininity and romance. Kismet Lola London jewellery is truly made for the modern day warrior girl.

Kismet designs and creates from her workshop bases in London and Istanbul. In addition she also runs '4Ever Heirlooms Wax Workshops' where guests can interpret their very own stories through designing and creating a bespoke piece of jewellery.

Dedicated to sustaining the beauty of the Earth. She has a slow fashion ethos and works with recycled precious silver and gold, fair mined stones and produces in small quantities to avoid wastage.