As Stars & Stories


Feel-good jewellery as stories of infinite possibilities.

Kismet started her jewellery design journey as a self taught creative entrepreneur taking time out from a busy world to heal an emotional upheaval. 

As her passion for designing and making beautiful jewellery increased, she was intrigued by the chaos and the calm found at the jewellers workbench. Her obsession with every stage of creation drove her to unravel a passion she had never planned as part of her journey.

A pair of earrings appear as just that to the outsider, however, Kismet loved the stories behind the creation: the many hands they had passed through, the late nights, the settings which were perfected, the gemstones that were lost, the pieces that didn't make it, the music that kept everyone going and the passion and hard work of designers, crafters, creators that they poured into the life of those very earrings starring back at her.

With her inquisitive mind racing, Kismet wanted to know and learn everything in order to understand this beautiful craft. She spent time in Istanbul learning from craftsmen who had generations of knowledge as part of their DNA, she then returned to London's famous Hatton Garden to continue her journey before launching her very own creations.

As a designer and maker, Kismet continues to draw inspiration from the world around her but at the core is a science and philosophy suggesting that we are all made of Stars (or Star Stuff) and as with stars, our stories are infinite.

If we can picture ourselves as atoms of energy which radiate powerfully, we understand that where we focus this energy determines our thoughts and perceptions, in turn feeding our mindset and impacting how we experience the world. Therefore the Story we repeat in our mind, really is our Superpower.

Dedicated to sustaining the beauty of the Earth. She has a slow fashion ethos and works with recycled precious silver and gold, fair mined stones and produces in small quantities to avoid wastage.