About Kismet Lola Jewellery

A British Demi-Fine jewellery brand with Eastern roots, Kismet Lola's intention is to create jewellery which sparks vitality and passion and helps her wearers to stay in 'their magic’. That Magic is the fire where her vibrational and spiritual energy is high, she is inspired, and her aura is naturally a golden glow.  

Kismet Lola believes precious gold jewellery brings a truly magical air to a woman's confidence and empowerment. She encourages her girls to playfully combine pieces in various ways creating an individual and enchanting style through stacking and layering.  

The collection of delicate jewellery pieces help capture that magical and mystical essence of the femme, encouraging her to feel spiritually aligned and protected via her accessories.

Kismet Lola's affordable, luxe and versatile pieces of beautiful gold jewellery combines healing Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones with Zircon, Gold Vermeil and 14K Gold, giving a spellbindingly indulgent feel to each piece.

With her own Atelier collection, Kismet Lola also crafts customized pieces in her London and European studios as well as sharing her knowledge at bespoke workshops where guests can make their very own magical jewellery creations.