About Kismet Lola Jewellery

Kismet Lola is a British Demi-Fine jewellery brand inspired by the deep rooted stories women hold close. Told or untold, it is these moments that shape us.

Kismet creates jewellery which encourages her wearers to share their story, be proud of their journey and to live new adventures - these eventually will be the new tales we tell. As important as our circle of closest girlfriends, our jewellery is a means of capturing and sharing our unique and individual narrative of the past, present and future.

Her 24k Gold Vermeil jewellery of delicate designs and talismans brings a truly magical air to a woman's confidence and empowerment. Combined with the healing powers of beautiful gemstones, Kismet Lola is made for the modern day Warrior girl.

Kismet designs from her London and European studios as well as sharing knowledge at her //CREATE Workshops where guests can interpret their very own stories through crafting bespoke jewellery creations.