Istanbul. /connected by spirit

The first of our City Series range is inspired by Istanbul.
A city separated by sea but also perfectly connected both physically and spiritually.
It starts with her rendezvous with Istanbul's symbolic landmark, The Galata Bridge.
Connecting two of the busiest and also the most contrasting parts of Istanbul, The Galata Bridge took her on flirtatious dawn-to-dusk encounters from the cool, cosmopolitan district of Beyoglu to the old town structures, and bustling markets of Eminonu. 
Inspired by the people of Galata Bridge, the ritual of the daily commute across it, its history and incredible ancient carvings; the Istanbul /connected by spirit collection is an illustration of our life’s roadmap. An unseen, unwritten atlas of a series of links destined to point us toward the next milestone and eventually shape our ‘today’. 
Each piece from the collection tells the tale of how our winding road of adventures, relationships and chance meetings have brought us to exactly where we should be at this moment. 
The daily chaos of Galata as with her daily (sometime chaotic) life may not always be a vision of perfection from the outside. However each journey is a legacy. Symbolic of change, struggle and fortune, witness to many moments  which have shaped and cemented the city’s (and her) place in our universal atlas. 
/connected by spirit fuses gems and geometry whilst encapsulating the emotional and spiritual stories of the bridge. Each piece combines the striking ancient Seljuk design with the captivating colours of the sky at sunrise and sunset, and the flawless reflections created in the sea below. 
For us the Galata Bridge is not only connected by the spirit of the city, its people and its journey but also a symbol of strength, determination and hope. The perfect spot to dream, to feel and to believe in the magic of our journey.


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