Inspired by our unforgettable travels and long stays in the magical city of Istanbul; a melting pot of art and culture and an unrivaled history.

The city lives under a spectacular veil of the most incredible architecture. Inherited from the ancient Ottoman, Seljuk and Byzantine Empires, it's impossible not to fall in love with the domed skylines as you walk across the Golden Horn at sunset. Or the carved stone work on buildings which catch your gaze in the middle of rush hour and the endless geometric patterns found on tile work seen everywhere from the grandest mosques to the local cafe floors.

Full of light, hope, fun and spirit, RHU is our take on combining our wonderful memories of the city, with its stunning architectural legacy. Through gemstones and gold (light, reflections, hope) and geometric design (inspired by the city’s famous Galata Bridge and the domed buildings). 

RHU; for your spirit, your adventures and living your dreams.