Istanbul. /The Galata Collection

The first of our City Series range is inspired by our travels to the beautiful city of Istanbul.

The Galata Collection is an illustration of our ride though life. Drawing inspiration from Istanbul's stunning geometric architecture, the collection is a talisman reminder that the unseen, unwritten atlas of our connections, trials and triumphs  are destined to point us towards our next chapter. 

Our story centers around the Galata Bridge. An iconic structure in the city which connects two of the busiest and also the most contrasting parts of Istanbul. Bringing together the stories, characters and beautiful architecture that lay beyond the two sides of this ancient creation.

We translated the the notion of human connection and the energy which drives our dreams into each piece of our jewelry by incorporating the incredible architectural Seljuk carvings, which are  found on a portion of the bridge, into our designs.

Each piece from The Galata Collection fuses the ancient design with colourful, hand picked semi-precious gemstones, capturing through them the tones of the sky at sunrise and sunset and the flawless reflections created in the sea below.  

During our travels, the Galata Bridge took us on scenic dawn and dusk encounters. We crossed the water from the cool, cosmopolitan artistic towns over to the old city structures and bustling bazaars. Along the way we met the famous Galata Bridge Fishermen and watched many tourist marvel at the stunning skyline.

The Galata Bridge plays an instrumental role in keeping the city and the lives of those in it moving forward. A perfect reminder of strength, hopes and dreams. The perfect spot to believe in the magic of our unfolding journey.