The Next Chapter: An organic, handcrafted collection rooted in stories of humanity. Of life, loss, love and strength.   

During a time when the dark nights seemed never ending, she created a vision board pinned with words of significant inspiration – daily reminders to keep going, to continue the fight, to battle for light and above all, to believe in a happy end.

Today, those words have inspired this collection - Elixir, a potion of precious creations to be shared and passed on as amulets of faith and encouragement. The misshapen but stunning talismans tell tales of anguish and of hearts broken, mountains climbed and eventual healing. Lows that take us to depths of despair and rays of light which -in time- come through to form strength we never quite knew we possessed.

Elixir embodies the notion that from the darkest moments we find the brightest light, the greatest strength and the most exciting adventures. 

Translated through texture and form, this collection is designed with organic, asymmetrical gold shapes, delicately detailed with hand-picked precious gemstones. In this moment, there is magic.  Unfiltered and raw, the beauty of Elixir is born.