NUR: Summer Edit

Summer 2020: It’s been a strange year so far. We’ve all experienced a little bit of chaos and a lot of change. We are hoping there have been some positives to come out of what has been a turbulant 2020, both on a universal and personal level. Only time will tell. As we open our workshop again, we have decided to change the pace, to slow down and be mindful of what we are doing and how we continue to feel and create. Instead of rushing out to finish jewellery pieces and shoot a campaign, we thought it was better to let our creativity continue to flow until it felt like we had a meaningful and complete collection. We would rather give you a whole story than something half told. Until we are ready to share a new journey, we have put together a beautifully bright and sparkly Summer Edit entitled Nur, meaning ‘LIGHT”. Full of color, joy and hope and crafted from the most stunning and precious gemstones. Pieces which endeavor to remind you that there is light ahead and brighter days will always come. Keep smiling and sparkling through a year of change.